Amazing Artwork For Every Medical Practice

We take real images from real tissue biopsy's and make beautiful artwork for medical offices. 10% of every purchase goes to fighting cancer and patient care. We invite you to view our featured collection and entire gallery.


Survivor Artwork comes in several sizes and options. (Framed, Mounted, Desktop)

Midtown Urology

Midtown Urology in Austin Texas adopts the philosophy of adding clinically relevant artwork to help fight cancer. Dr. Michael Trotter says....."finally, art with a purpose". The pieces from Survivor Artwork are relevant to my everyday practice as a Urologist. We look forward to seeing some of their educational pieces as well." 

 Michael Trotter MD, Urologist

Epiphany Dermatology

“We have a lot of wall space in our office filled with many pleasing pieces.  By far the artwork that generates the most buzz is the “Wall of Skin Cancer.”  Two basal cell carcinomas and one melanoma never looked so cool to staff and patients alike.  Thanks to Survivor Artwork for working with our designer to brighten our workspace.”

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