Urology and Kidney Artwork Gallery

Display your support for a cure for prostate cancer with a beautiful art piece from Survivor Artwork. These gorgeous pieces of medical wall art are derived from real images of prostate cancer cells. Our expert team of designers then colorizes the images to add abstract flair, creating a unique art piece that is perfect for homes or medical offices. Did you know that if caught early, the cure rate for prostate cancer is nearly 99%? It’s important to educate others about the early symptoms of this disease. This prostate cancer artwork can serve as a fantastic starting point to begin a conversation about prostate cancer awareness. It is also a great way to pay homage to yourself or a loved one who has fought this disease. Additionally, 10% of your purchase goes toward supporting a cancer research organization of your choice. When you purchase the cellular artwork from Survivor Artwork, you can feel good about giving your money to a cause that you believe in. Start shopping today.
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