Eccrine Spiradenoma Medical Artwork


Are you searching for beautiful and relevant artwork for your dermatologist’s office? This Eccrine Spiradenoma Art Piece is the perfect addition to any medical office decor.

  • 10% of the purchase price is donated to the cancer foundation charity partner of your choice
  • Makes a fantastic conversation piece that can help you start a discussion to raise awareness
  • Ideal for use as medical wall art in dermatologist’s and doctor’s offices
  • Available in three sizes and two styles 

The Eccrine Spiradenoma from Survivor Artwork is a depiction of this benign tumor at a cellular level that has been colorized by our designers, making it a captivating piece that is sure to start a conversation. Shop our medical wall art today and we’ll donate 10% of the sale to one of our cancer foundation charity partners. 

  • Available in three sizes: 13x10, 18x24, or 24x36
  • Available in your choice of framed or mounted
  • The cancer foundation charity partner to receive the 10% donation can be chosen during checkout

About eccrine spiradenoma

Eccrine spiradenoma is a benign adnexal tumor that appears as a small and bluish nodule that is typically tender on palpation. In this case, multiple tumors were present on the exterior and the interior surface of the upper body.

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